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Meet Jae, your dog’s adventure guide!

After moving here in 2004 from Saskatchewan, my husband and I were lucky enough to get our dog Scout. I had been working in offices and retail for the first few years here on the west coast, but Scout helped me realize working with dogs is where I really belonged – dogs are awesome!

I love the fun and enjoyment that dogs, cats, and a multitude of other animals bring to us, and know that we all try to do the same in return for these wonderful friends. I understand the trust you are putting in me to take your little buddy on a hike. I have been on literally thousands of hikes leading groups of dogs on north shore trails in my time as a dog walker since 2008.

I also have been lucky to sit many dogs over the years and Scout was always happy to have new friends here for sleepovers. It’s wonderful to get to see the “at home” personalities of dogs that are often so different from the excitement of being on trail with the pack. Every day I look forward to seeing the happy faces that greet me when I arrive to take these dogs out for some fun, exercise, socialization, and play!

About Dirty Paws

Dirty Paws has been serving dogs in the Greater Vancouver area since 2009 as a company lovingly owned and operated by Courtnay Huber. I started working with Courtnay in 2015 after 7 years in this field, and in 2020 I took over the company.

I provide off-leash mountain adventures, and while all the dogs are in my care I also use GPS trackers for extra security. The company goal is to provide a more personal experience for the dogs and clients alike, and ensure a fun and safe outing for the dogs.

I love being able to go on adventures in the North Shore Mountains with all the pups and treat them like my own, and I strive to build close relationships with each and every dog I hike with.

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