Jae Navid

Moving here in 2004 from Saskatchewan. My partner and I were lucky enough to get our dog Scout.

After working in offices and retail for the first few years here on the west coast, I realized working with dogs is where I really belong. Dogs are awesome! From the age of 13, I had a street rescue named Taffy and learned about how much having a dog as a family member brings to life.

I love the fun and enjoyment that dogs, cats, and a multitude of other animals bring to us, and know that we all try to do the same in return for these wonderful friends. I understand the trust you are putting in me to take your little buddy on a hike. I have done literally thousands of hikes leading groups of dogs on north shore trails in my time as a dog walker in the past 10 years.

I also have been lucky to dog sit over the years and Scout is always happy to have new friends sleepover. Every day I look forward to seeing the happy faces that greet me when I arrive to get these dogs out for some fun, excercise, socialization, and play!

Pet First Aid Certified